This assists people in achieving personal and life goals through improved self-knowledge and self-awareness. Medication can be given to supplement pscyhotherapy but is done so on an individual basis.

Parent-Child Interaction Training

Parent-Child Interaction Training (PCIT) is an evidence-based treatment for young children with emotional and behavioral disorders that places emphasis on improving the quality of the parent-child relationship and changing parent-child interaction patterns. PCIT was originally designed for children with disruptive behaviors. Dr. Isa offers occasional training sessions to teach PCIT skills to parents and mental health providers.

Art Therapy

We utilize this form of expressive therapy not only to aid diagnosis but to further enhance the mental and emotional well-being of our patients.


This is a deeper approach to psychotherapy that helps patients who continually grapple with the same struggles even after undergoing psychotherapy. Psychoanalysis is a more comprehensive approach that is appropriate for patients with complex, deep-seated issues, who have been unsuccessful in resolving problems and gaining back full functionality.  

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

This evidence-based treatment is utilized to treat young children in conjunction with their parents and/or caregivers.
Our main goal in providing this service is to improve the quality of the parent-child bond.

Medication Management

We provide this service for patients who are receiving therapy sessions elsewhere and only require our services to manage their medication needs. It will be important for you to have a therapist who is available to collaborate about symptoms, stressors, and medication effects. 

Psychological Testing and Assessment

These tests and assessments are administered to better gauge how an individual perceives, understands, and thinks. Psychological testing and assessments can be invaluable in determining the presence of conditions such as learning disabilities, ADHD, and anxiety disorders.
The results of these tests and assessments allow us to produce an effective treatment plan.